Week 4

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post to the blog - mainly because not much has happened since my last one so I thought I'd update you now.

I've just finished week 4 of the 12 week 'strip down' and I'm currently 56.8kg (down from 57.3kg in week 1) so as you can see, not much progress so far on the scales. I am sticking to my macros and reduced calories (1800 from 2300) religiously and I track everything on myfitnesspal so it's been a pretty frustrating couple of weeks stepping on the scale to find only tiny changes in weight. As I mentioned in my last post, I've increased my cardio by adding some steady state at the end of around 3 of the 6 weekly sessions.

I woke up on Saturday morning really down and frustrated as to why the scales weren't moving as I'd predicted so I calculated my current BMR and Maintenance calories and realized I was still eating eating at maintenance even though I'd reduced by around 500 cals. I stupidly forgot to factor in that I was eating around 500 cals over my maintenance to bulk over the past 2 months and reducing by 250 per day now I'm back down to eating at around 100 cals below maintenance hence the slow progress on the scales. I won't make that mistake again.

I've now taken my daily calories down to 1500 (250 cals below maintenance of 1770) so this week I should hopefully see quicker progress over the next couple of weeks.

I think it was probably a good thing that I had a few weeks of a small drop in calories as it would have been a pretty big shock to the body to go from eating 2300 to 1500 in such a short space of time however, I would have only done this for a week or 2 instead of 4.

This week I'm going to stick to my usual workout routine of weight training 5 days a week finishing 3 of the 5 sessions with steady state cardio on the summit trainer or treadmill and 1 day for HIIT cardio where I like to throw jam balls, skip, row and just do some fun stuff to get the heart-rate up.

Currently my nutrition split for 1500 cals looks like this:

Protein: 131g (around 1.1g per lb of bodyweight)

Fat: 50g (0.4g per lb of bodyweight)

Carbohydrates: 131g (remaining grams left from calculating protein and fats)


My training Split for the next week looks like this:

Sunday: Legs - Hamstrings & glutes focused

Monday: Chest/Triceps & Shoulders + SS Cardio

Tuesday: Legs - Quadraceps focused

Wednesday: Back/ Biceps & rear delts + SS Cardio

Thursday: HIIT Cardio

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Legs - Hamstrings & Glutes focused + SS Cardio

Sets and repetitions are around 3 x 8-12 depending on the exercises and the steady state cardio is usually performed for 30 minutes at around 60-70% of maximum heart-rate as this is the fat burning zone which increases fat metabolism.

Not that there's much change from week 1 but here is the latest progress picture. I can notice tiny changes in my body but the next few weeks should be more noticeable.


Top tip! If you're bulking up to gain muscle or leaning out to reduce body fat, make sure you remember to check your numbers at each stage to ensure you're reaching your weekly goals.

Until next time...

x Jen x