Week 8 progress - boob talk

Hi Guys!

8 weeks down! 4 to go! There’s something about only having 4 weeks left that makes the end seem so much nearer than last week!


Currently I’m sitting at 54.2kg – a 1kg drop from last week. My hubby took some body fat measurements with the calipers to check my body fat progress since I started 8 weeks ago and I’m roughly around 13%. When I started, I was about 20% so I’m super happy with my progress.

Initially I had a goal to get down to 10-11% body fat so I’m almost there, however,  I now feel like this may be too low.

As I’ve been losing weight and fat, I’ve started to get to the point where I feel good about my body overall as I’ve lost weight from my thighs and 'saddlebags' which is always the toughest area to lose for me and I’ve started to see more definition in the abs, however, I’ve also lost quite a bit of fat from my boobs which is making me feel a bit deflated – literally.

I was quite a young developer at around 10 years old and used to hate my boobs as no one else had any so I felt so different to them. I used to get called names by boys at school which made me super insecure but as I grew older, I learned to love them. I was around a 34 DD for most of my teenage life and went down to a 32C over the past few years as I lost weight training. Over the past week, I’ve really noticed the decrease in size and was actually shocked at how much I’d lost. It shouldn’t make you feel any less of a woman having smaller boobs but psychologically, it does make me feel a bit sad that they’re so much smaller. I didn’t think I’d feel this way as I lost weight as in my mind, I was focusing on losing fat from my legs and gaining a nice abs shape so it’s made me think, being super lean isn’t necessarily going to make you happiest. At this point, I don’t know whether to maintain my current weight for the photoshoot, or keep losing to see how lean I can get as I probably won’t be going to this extreme again. I don’t want my body to look to unobtainable on my photoshoot as I want the images to inspire and not make you think that you can never achieve the look without a drastic life change. Everything I’ve done up to now is totally achievable with the right training and nutrition. I’m not starving all the time and I don’t feel like I’m too deprived with foods – apart from when we go out to eat and I see pizza and pasta on the menu!

Talking of menu's - I just want to let you know about my favorite meal of the week.


As a pasta (and overall carb loving) girls, although I haven't been missing it too much, I do still look at it on a menu and go off into carb dream land. For the past couple of weeks, my hubby and I have been ordering take away from Kcal which is one of the amazing restaurants in Dubai that provides meals with the nutritional information on the menu. I was looking though the online menu and found a pasta free lasagna that substitutes the pasta sheets with eggplant. I was a bit hesitant to order it but though I'd give it a try and I'm so glad I did - it was so delish! I didn't even feel like I wasn't eating pasta which was weird as I thought I would totally know it wasn't the real thing. I'll definitley be ordering this again before the end of my shoot prep!

I met with my photographer this weekend which was great as I feel way more comfortable shooting with him now I've got to know him more. He is one cool, crazy, funny guy with amazing vision so I'm super excited. We also chatted about my instagram and he was asking where my face is on my posts as he wanted to know what I looked like so he knew who he was looking for in the coffee shop. I scrolled through my feed and realized he was right- there isn't many videos or photos of my face on there. I think having no make up on most days makes me feel insecure about how I look and how people will perceive me so I tend to shoot from the back but I'm working on it! I want to do some videos chatting to you guys but I need to get over my insecurities and get out there.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on too much more so I'll leave you with the obligatory progress pic from week 1 - week 8.

Do these progress photos ever get less awkward? I'm guessing not!

Do these progress photos ever get less awkward? I'm guessing not!

Had to snap a pic of this sign @Shakespeare & Co

Had to snap a pic of this sign @Shakespeare & Co

Enjoy the rest of your weekend for those of you overseas and have a great week ahead!


Until next time...


x Jen x