Week 5

Today is a good day! Finally the scales are moving in the right direction and I've lost 1.7lbs since my last weigh in at the end of last week. Yipee! From 56.7kg down to 56 on the dot.

This week has been a busy week at the gym with a few days of double days including cardio in the morning and my usual resistance training in the evening. I usually switch between bike and treadmill for my AM cardio sessions, spending around 45 minutes on it and I end my PM workouts with 20-30 minutes on the summit trainer.

I haven't found the reduction in calories too hard at the moment, however I have felt hungry in-between meals and especially at night after dinner as I usually go to bed around 11:30. I'm going to keep the same calorie deficit for another week or 2 then re-assess the numbers. I'm looking to lose around 1kg per week so with another 7 weeks left I should end up at around 49-50kg (eek!)

My current gym membership at the Ritz Carlton Hotel has expired and I've been thinking of changing things up a bit and join a new gym. The Ritz is obviously a nice gym to train in but as it's a hotel, the equipment is kinda limited and it has a hotel gym vibe as you'd expect. A lot of businessmen on work trips etc.  It's always fairly quiet (which is a good thing) but the atmosphere isn't the most motivating. The gym I'm looking at joining is just a few buildings down from me but has tons of equipment, is bright, colourful and fresh and is also brand new (opened in July this year). The vibe is totally different here and they have a superhero theme throughout the gym floor with large hulk and superman drawings painted on the walls. There AsI've been training at the Ritz for around 2 years now so I think it would be good to have a change and try something new so let's see.

Here's this weeks transformation pic....again, not much change visually from week 1 but that should start to change in the next couple of weeks.


Keep up to date with my training and nutrition on instagram @jen_dubai_pt. I like to post everyday to keep myself motivated and hopefully inspire others on my journey. Here are a few snaps from this week...

Let's hope this week is as successful as last week!


Until next week...

x Jen x