Week 10 progress


Another week down! These weeks are flying by! Only two weeks left until my fitness shoot and when I jumped on the scales on Friday morning I was 52.8kg. I was so surprised to be in the 52's as I didn't feel like I'd made much progress this week so I was super happy and actually jumped around the bathroom how sad haha!


I've been sticking to morning cardio and did around 4-5 times this week in my shared apartment gym. I usually hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes and walk uphill on a gradient of 6 at a speed of 6.5-6.8 Kmph. It was on Tuesday morning that I'd just finished with a client and was about to get one one of the two treadmills when someone else came in and beat me to it. The only other cardio equipment we have are a bike with a very annoying slippy seat which you constantly slide forward on, and a rowing machine. I couldn't handle the thought of fighting with the bike for the next 30 minutes so I jumped on the rower. I wasn't sure how long I would last as its a lot more taxing than walking even at a slow pace but I set myself a goal of 5000m for some reason and  just over 20 minutes later I'd made it although my butt was killing and I was pretty exhausted. I think I need to build up my glutes as the rowing certainly wasn't the comfiest ride as my butt felt pretty bony haha.


For one of my leg workouts this week, I roped my hubby into coming to the gym with me to take some photos and as he's also a personal trainer, he always likes to give me exercises to do that I don't usually do. He got me doing front squats today as you can see from the set up in the picture, the bar rests on the front of your shoulders (and can push on your throat a bit making you feel a bit choked) and the arms either crossed over or straight with the bar resting on the fingertips with elbows up high. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the video of me performing them and having a moan abut it hurting my shoulders. Anyway, I got them done and definitely felt it the next day!


On Saturday afternoon my hubby and I went to HEAT again as we really enjoyed it last week. This week I was tempted to get the same dish as last time but I figured I needed to try something different and also so I could take a picture of a different dish for you guys. I ordered the Low carb spaghetti bolognaise as I do miss my pasta meals! The low carb pasta does have a different texture to normal pasta but it's still pretty similar and the dish was super yummy! I tore up the basil leaf into tiny pieces and mixed it through too which made it taste really fresh and homemade.

After we'd finished our food, we ordered two caramel 'Light Whey' protein ice creams (which tastes just as good as regular ice-cream and have 22g protein) and took them out on to the beach near the marina which is just a short walk from the cafe. As you can see, I also made a new friend. I think he just wanted my ice-cream though!


Can't believe that this time next week I'll only have one more week until my 12 week photo-shoot prep is done eek!


If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below!

Until next week,


x Jen x