Week 11 progress update

Here we are at the end of week 11 and stepping out into the last week of the photoshoot prep. It’s been a long yet somehow short 3 months and I’ve worked my butt off both with training and keeping on top of my nutrition and I’m super happy with my progress. As of today (Sunday) I’m currently weighing 52.5kg.


Before I started my ‘cut’ I never actually thought I’d be able to get down to my goal weight of 52kg but now it’s so close I can believe it! I used to be around 60kg (9.5 stone) at my heaviest around 10 years ago and was never happy with my body. I tried to lose weight but nothing really worked and I'd give up after a couple of weeks. I'd try low carb diets and spend hours on the treadmill but it was boring and made me have like zero energy. I always wanted to see how lean I could get but never believed I could do it as I love my food and didn't understand the bodys' relationship with food and training. I always thought the less you eat, the more you lose and endless hours of cardio would do the trick but this is the completely wrong approach.

I’ve never tracked my food intake as I have over the past 12 weeks with the macronutrients split according to my goal and I’ve certainly never trained as much as I’m doing around 5 days per week resisitance training with one full cardio session and plus around 4-5 double days of morning cardio so it has taken a lot of work but I finally see my goal within reach. I'm on around 1300 calories now as its my last week so after I reach my goal of 52kg and I've done my photoshoot, I'll be back up to my maintenance calories while I set new goals.


This weekend, My hubby and I went to the Dubai Fitness Expo which took place at Dubai Mall. It had lots of health and fitness companies showcasing their products and services and they were giving away some freebies which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love!? We got protein shakes, a free t-shirt from EHP Labs (which actually fits really nicely) and I also got a protein bar from the biceps challenge I took part in which you may have seen on my instagram. If not, you can check it out @jen_dubai_pt. The challenge was as many barbell biceps curls with 10kg as you can in 1 minute and somehow I managed to get 60! It’s safe to say my biceps felt super pumped after and I literally couldn’t move my arms for about 10 minutes after. It was fun to do though!

As we walked around the expo, we came across FitBox Arabia which is a really cool monthly subscription box that includes protein bars, snacks, pre workouts, post works, and additional products and accessories to make sure you get everything you need to be Fit. FitBox is priced at 290dhs per months and you can visit the website at www.fitboxarabia.com for more info. They currently have a ‘spin the wheel’ where you can get upto 30% off your first box so go check it out.


Whilst at the mall, we stopped at Galeries Lafayette for some lunch. I find it a bit of a challenge when choosing where to eat at the mall as most places aren’t calorie and macro friendly. I found a chicken wrap on the menu in GL and both  my husband and I ordered it. It came with a side salad but when the dish arrived, they’d given me a side salad of quinoa and pasta which looked amazing but sadly I had to dig deep into my will power and change it for a green salad which they whipped up with no delay. The wrap was really tasty and had truffle mayo and caramelized onions along with the chicken and lettuce which was delicious! 


Now onto my favourite snack of the week. I was thinking I should have done a 'snack of the week' on my 12 week journey but to be honest, my snacks are usually the same each day. For my morning snack, I have two rice/corn cakes with homemade peanut butter with added protein powder which is so tasty. I look forward to it every day it's that good. For those of you who know me and follow me on instagram, you'll know I love my cereal and my go-to cereal snack at the moment is 2 shredded wheat with around 10-15g all bran. Yes its basically carbs but I always make sure I leave enough space in my daily nutrition allowance for it. Evening snacks are usually either half of a big Atkins bar or a small one or a couple of squares of dark chocolate because, well, I'm human and I need my sweet tooth chocolate fix! My favourite bar this week is this one which has hazelnuts in and tastes just as good as it looks!


Not much else to report this week but here's to the last week of food tracking and training.


See you next week! Will i reach my goal!? Stay tuned!


x Jen x