Week 9 progress update


After 9 weeks of hard work at the gym and with a strict calorie intake, I’m down to 53.8kg. It's officially the lightest I’ve been since I can remember – but with much more lean muscle mass than I used to have. Getting into the 53’s seemed like a distant dream and didn’t think I’d actually be able to get there but I'm here! The final goal weight is 52kg for my fitness shoot as I estimated my bodyfat % to be around 10-11% at this weight so let’s see if I can get there over the next 3 weeks.

Apart from having lost boob size, I'm actually really proud of what my body looks like at the moment and I'm proud of myself for getting this far. I think a lot of people think that because you're a personal trainer, you find it easier than non-trainers to reach a certain weight and look lean. Well it ain't! We don't automatically get an amazing body with our qualifications - sadly.

I've struggled with my weight since I was a teenager - not that I was super overweight but as I've mentioned before I was always the biggest out of my friends. They used to be nice to me and say I was just big boned but now I know I was just carrying around a few extra pounds of insulation haha. I carry most of my weight in the tops of my legs and even though my top half seems to slim down, I always struggle with the bottom half. I finally feel like it's starting to tighten up now though and I'm so happy with the progress! Which areas do you struggle with the most?

Apart from the drop on the scale, there's not much to report this week apart from the usual workouts 6 days a week and extra steady state cardio sessions in the morning around 4 days per week for 30 minutes. I’m on around 1450 calories at the moment – I did take it down to 1400 however I’d rather eat slightly more and do some extra cardio and those 50 calories make such a difference for my energy and mentality. I want to reach my goal in a way where I’m not constantly hungry and so far, so good. Depending on how next week goes, I may adjust again for the last two weeks.


I was scrolling through my old pictures the other day and found one that made me realise how much progress I’ve made over the past few years. Sometimes you get so focused on your goal and other peoples amazing progress pictures that you don’t see the transformation you’ve personally made. Obviously I had to make a little before and after….



My hubby and I like to eat out on the weekend and since I’m being super strict with my macros and calories, I’ve been checking out healthy eating places that taste good but don’t break the calorie bank. This weekend we visited HEAT café which stands for healthy eats and treats. I ordered the Asian chicken low carb noodles and it literally tasted sooo good! I spotted protein ice cream on the desert menu page  from ‘Light Whey’ and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while now so I thought it would be rude not to. I got the caramel flavor and it did not disappoint. I was in food heaven! I had the biggest smile on my face for pretty much the whole time I was eating it. When you don’t have something like ice cream for a long time, It’s amazing how much more you enjoy it. I think that’s the problem these days with so many people who eat things like ice cream, chocolates and crisps without thinking. They just eat and don’t actually enjoy it like a treat. For some people it’s just part of their everyday snacks.


Here's the progress I've made this week.... 


If you have any questions along the journey, please feel free to send me a message and also keep up to date with the latest from my shoot prep on instagram @jen_dubai_pt where I'm sharing daily stories about my food, my journey and my clients.


Until next week....


x Jen x