12 week prep intro

It’s here! The day I start my 12 week fat loss journey with the goal of getting as lean as I can.

Before I start rambling on, I want to point out that I don’t currently have plans to enter a bikini competition (although I have thought about it) and have decided to do this prep as a personal journey. I’m not really into the idea of standing on stage and be judged against other women so I have planned to do a photoshoot instead. For me, it’s more of a personal quest to see what my body and more importantly, my mind is capable of and I’ve always admired fitness models but never thought I’d be able to achieve their physique so here goes!

For the past 8 weeks, I have been eating a surplus of calories (around 500 over my maintenance) daily to gain some lean muscle.  As you can imagine (and may have experienced) this was a happy and content 8 weeks of eating pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted; although I have tried to keep it fairly ‘clean’ as to not gain too much extra fat. As I’ve been training for around 6 years, I have a fairly good base to work from but feel I could do with a bit of extra muscle in my legs, butt & upper body.

I started the ‘Bulk’ journey on around 2000 daily calories (by the way I’m 5ft 4in) and slowly worked up to 2300, keeping an eye on my weight each week and adjusting as I felt necessary. I did actually find it hard to put weight on but this may be due to the increase in workout frequency going from 3 days a week to 6.

Over the 8 weeks I gained around 3kg which isn’t a huge amount but definitely has made a difference with my performance in the gym, energy levels and overall look. In the gym, I have been focusing mainly on functional strength and bodybuilding training with only a little cardio here and there to keep my fitness level from dying completely. Usually I’d be freaking out seeing the scale increase but with my goal in mind, I found myself a bit annoyed if it didn’t go up.

Excuse the princess face, I was having a bad face day haha.

Excuse the princess face, I was having a bad face day haha.

So here I am now on 3rd September at 57.3kg with the goal over the next 12 weeks of losing around 5kg - around 1lb per week, and aiming for 10-12% body fat. At the moment it seems like an impossible task but one I’m excited to take on.

Keep up with my 12 week journey on instagram where I’ll be posting daily about my food and workouts @Jen_dubai_pt.

Until tomorrow….