What Do I Eat?


Sooo, what does a typical week of eating look like for me? I get asked what I eat a lot from clients and to be honest, it's pretty simple (maybe boring) but I tend to stick to the same breakfasts and snacks most days and switch up lunch and dinners. It keeps things easy, quick and I'm able to keep a rough track of my marcos throughout the day.

My daily calories and macro split will depend on my goal at the time and can range anywhere from 1200 cals if I'm in the last week of cutting for a photoshoot, all the way up to 2500 cals if I'm on a muscle building phase.

Most of the time, If I want to maintain my current weight, I stick at around 1700-2000 cals per day making sure I fuel my body with around 0.8-1g of protein per pound of my bodyweight. For carbs, I like to keep them at 15og or below and fats make up the rest of my calorie intake.




Let's start with breakfast. I love breakfast! I honestly don't know how some peeps go without breakfast everyday. Like. Seriously. How!?


I have oats everyday (apart from my naughty cheat cereal on a Friday which is usually either Coco pops or honey nut cornflakes - don't judge me, I'm human) and like to incorporate lots of different ingredients to make it super tasty and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Some ingredients I add in are:
-Ground flax
-Cacao nibs
-Frozen blueberries

-Ground flax
-Chia seeds (I love the 'CHIA BIA' range - they have regular chia seeds and milled chia with a range of tasty flavours which are super versitile for snacks!
-cacao powder
-Frozen Blueberries

I usually alternate between the two sets of ingredients as I know roughly how many calories and macros are in each and it can plan the rest of my meals easier for the rest of the day. Plus it keeps me going for a good few hours during my morning clients!



For the second main meal of the day I'm lucky enough to be able to eat at home every day. Protein bread and wraps are my main go-to when it comes to lunch as they're loc carb and full of protein! I like to make scrambled eggs on toast with fresh basil, tuna and spinach wrap, coronation chicken either in a wrap or on sweet potato toast - delish! And yeah that's pretty much it. Sometimes we will experiment with some new ideas but most of the time, these are our staples.

Again, I usually alternate between these 3 options and change it up a bit with the bread and sweet potato to keep a bit of variety. All of them are super quick and simple to rustle up too which make them a great lunch option.

Also, if we have any leftovers from our dinner prep, we will rustle up something from these too which is usually some sort of rice and veggie stir-fry with chicken.




Dinners are usually prepped on a Sunday afternoon for the week ahead. Yes, I like to be super organised but it also helps a lot when running between clients in the evening. We cook a load of chicken, salmon and white fish and make our own teriyaki and satay sauce for the topping (ill include the recipes in another blog post for these) . Along with the protein, we cook mixed veggies- usually brocolli, green beans and mixed peppers and for the main carbs, we cook rice, sweet potato fries or mash and squash.

It can get a little overwhelming the first couple of times if you're not used to cooking in large quantities but you will learn as you go with regards to the amounts of everything.

After all the food is prepped, we measure it out into tupperware and voilà, Dinners for the week and put any leftovers into a separate tupperware for a quick lunch.



Some people snack. Some people Don't. For me, I love my snacks and it gives me change to bump up my protein for the day, plus I get to eat more often which is always a plus.


I always look forward to my morning snack which is 30g homemade almond or cashew butter with added Muscle core protein powder on 2 rice cakes. Sometimes if I have a bit more time on my hands I'll also make protein pancakes with banana and berries which tastes too good to be healthy, but it is! You have to try them!





For the afternoon snack, if I'm not out with clients I'll usually have 100-120g Greek yoghurt with 20g of home-made grain free granola and 1 tspn cacao nibs which is super yummy and satisfying. If I'm out with clients, I'll take a protein shake to have on the journey in between to keep me going until dinner.

The evening snack is usually 2 pieces of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Drinks throughout the day are tea and water with an occasional latte if I'm out with the hubby in our free time. Sometimes I add lemon and mint to make the water a bit more interesting but most of the time I stick with plain old h2o. Oh an I do allow myself a diet coke at the weekends at the cinema. As for alcohol, I only have 1 or 2 drinks at the weekend which are occasionally a glass of white or rose but mainly malibu or disoronno mixed with diet coke.

If you're a bit of a grazer and find yourself snacking throughout the day without really thinking about what you're eating and you're not reaching your goal weight or fitness goals effectively then my top tip is to write down a menu for the week to help you stay on track!


Until next time...


x Jen x