Motivation is one of those things that comes and goes and most people don't have it all of the time so, if you're lacking some right now, don't be hard in yourself, you're definitely not alone. I for one go through phases of being super motivated to weeks of feeling like I can't be bothered  - this usually happens when I don't have a goal or plan in place.


Motivation doesn't usually come from out of the blue either, it comes from different places for different people. The things that motivate me are powerful health, fitness and life quotes, seeing other people's fitness journeys and success, setting goals and writing detailed plan to reach those goals. These things really help me with finding motivation when I have zero and also help to keep me focused throughout my journey.

Have a quick think about where you find yours...

Sooo; getting motivated is one thing, but staying motivated, well that's another thing entirely. How do you keep your mojo consistently until you reach your goal? The answer is, you probably won't and you'll have to rely on your will power to get you through those tough, unmotivated times.

good cop bad cop.jpg

I like to think of it as two voices in your head, kinda like good cop, bad cop. One has totally got your back and believes in you. It pushes you to get started and to keep pushing through the tough times. It's positive, uplifting and cheering you on with pm poms and all. On the other hand, there's the other voice, the negative one telling you that you can't do it, to take it easy, rest and do it another time. Who needs to be fit and healthy anyway right? This voice is the voice sabotaging your success and we need to learn how to put a muzzle on it, or better still, squish it like bubble wrap- maybe not quite as satisfying... Yes it will pop it's head up occasionally but as long as we've trained our 'success' voice to be stronger, we will succeed!

If you lack will power, try to find ways to build it and learn how to focus on the bigger picture. All the small, positive steps you take each day are getting you one step closer to your goal. It's these little steps that lead to big results - you just have to work hard and be patient.

How much do you want to reach that goal you've been thinking about for so long? The more you want it, in theory, the harder you will work to get it.


Don't get me wrong, the will be obstacles on your journey and it will take time but once you accept this, you're already half way there. Add a bit of motivation, will power and focus to the equation and you should be on the right path to reaching that goal!

Without a goal, it's much harder to be motivated as there's no focus to aim for.
Without a goal or a plan in place, we can't track our progress or work towards something we haven't thought about in detail. It's easy to say I want to lose weight but if you don't say how much, by when and how your going to do it, it will more than likely stay as a wish and not a plan.

We have to train our minds to be strong and battle on when we're lacking the motivation!

So, if you don't already know, go figure out what your motivation is and start your journey to reaching your goal!

Until next time....

x Jen x