''Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom''

Jack Lalanne

Nutrition is the fundamental foundation when working towards a goal, whether it be losing weight, building muscle or simply staying fit and healthy. It is often an area overlooked by many people who think going to the gym a few times a week will help them achieve their goals but sorry to say, it won't. There's so much more to it...

This package aims to inform and educate you about nutrition and how what we eat effects our body. It will also teach you how to calculate your personal daily calorie needs and how to split your macronutrients depending on your goal which can literally change your life.

If you intend to incorporate exercise into your plan, keep scrolling to purchase the Workout/Nutrition bundle package.


So what's included?

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  • 35 page Nutrition guide

  • 7 day Food Diary

  • Meal & Snack planner


Need help with workouts too?

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Fat Blitz + Nutrition


Tone & Sculpt + Nutrition