A goal without a plan is just a wish...

Are you bored of your current gym routine? Are you not seeing the results you'd hoped for? Do you wish you had a structured workout plan with help and guidance from a professional?

Good news! I'm here to help!

Whatever your goal may be, we can work together to achieve it.


After out initial consultation, I will design a program based on your goals, exercise history and preferred training style so you can work towards achieving your goal in an effective, efficient and enjoyable way either at a local gym or in your own home gym.


Current locations for personal training are:

The Ritz Carlton, DIFC

Train Strength & Fitness Al Quoz

Fitness Avenue, Sheikh Zayed Road (DIFC)

Apartment building gyms (dependant on your location)


Depending on your schedule and training frequency, I have a number of plans available from pay monthly to flexi packages with prices starting from 250dhs per session.

Group sessions are also available for upto 4 people so you can workout with friends for a fraction of the cost.


For more details on packages and availability, fill in the short form below and feel free to check out out main Personal training website www.thefoundation-pts.com.

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“I’ve been training with Jen for just over 2 years with a couple of summer breaks in between and she has changed the way I view the gym. Before I started training with Jen I had no idea what to do in the gym other than go on the treadmill. She has taught me the importance of doing weight training and shown me that weights are not used to become big and bulky but to become more toned and healthier. I now look forward to the gym rather than dreading it like I used to.”



“My name is Galea and I’m 15 years old. At the time I started training with the amazing Jennie I was 13 and weighed 68kg for 1m58cm. I just had to lose weight and not just because I wanted to but for my health. At first it was very hard as I was also following a strict diet ordered by my doctor but after some time I really started to enjoy it. I was starting to look forward to every session (twice a week) because I felt better after and because it relieved me from the pressure in school.
The sessions are always funny and entertaining and Jennie is always there to help me during an exercise.
Now, in July 2017 I weight 58.5kg for 1m60. I lost 10 kilos!! Amazing isn’t it.
I want to thank my remarkable trainer for everything she has helped me accomplish!”



“I’ve been working out with Jen for just under a year now and have never felt so happy with my body. Each session is always so different to the next and she really knows how to motivate and make training more fun whilst helping me to achieve my individual goals. Her passion for fitness is reflected in each session and she knows how hard to push you to get the results you want. Thanks Jen!”



“I was 82kg when I started working our with Jen and I was hoping to lose weight as soon as possible. The interesting part was that Jen explained to me how the muscles work and how the body reacts, so, instead of working out just for the sake if imitating others, I started to understand my body more.
3 months later, my body changed dramatically and the best thing is that Jen has a way to make the training interesting through the variety of exercises she puts into each session.
I have done more than 100 sessions with her until now and I am 10kg less, have dropped 3 dress sizes and I am still enjoying the sessions and feeling much better than when I started.
Thank you Jen for making me choose training as part of my daily routine and I truly mean it, you are my motivation.”